Ficci: Cine en los barrios y Barrios al cine continues reaching every corner of Cartagena and Bolívar


This year, the 54th edition of FICCI will come to 238 stages, bringing cinema to working-class neighborhoods in Cartagena and the municipalities, villages and small towns of Bolívar’s department. Thousands of people will have the opportunity to enjoy over 60 short films from 17 countries around the world

The Festival continues to offer films free of cost, presenting a wide selection of movies that include over 60 shorts from 17 countries around the world, with day and nighttime screenings in universities, nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, private and public schools, town squares and community centers throughout the entire department of Bolívar as part of the Cine en los Barrios y Barrios al cine program – where everybody is a star.

This program, which has developed alongside the Festival itself, had film showings in over 200 locations in 2013. In 2014, with an increased number of venues, the program will benefit 40,000 people. For Barrios al Cine 2013, FICCI provided approximately 30 buses a day to take residents of Cartagena and the wider Bolívar to theaters in the city’s center. This year, for the first time in their history, institutions taking part in this program have raised money to bring hundreds of residents to the Convention Center.

In 2014, the program will include a very special showing under the Cine Familiar category which will fascinate children: the feature film La tropa de trapo en la selva arco iris, an animated Spanish film directed by Alex Colls which will be presented on March 14 for an expected audience of over 1,500 children at Cartagena’s Convention Center. Along with this, the program includes unique presentations like a showing specifically for Cartagena’s handicapped population of Corporación Fototrópica’s Nuestro Silencio, and Pamela Yates’s Punto de quiebre to be presented to the students of Fundación Juan Felipe Gómez Escobar. The films’ stars and crews will be present at both showings.

The program will also feature a retrospective of Festival LOOP; an exhibit of Señal Colombia’s children’s program; a selection of films from the Festival Ambulantes including Presunto Culpable which will be shown in the city’s jails and El ambulante, which will be screened at Trinidad church in Getsemaní; BOGOSHORTS ruta Colombia, with a selection of the best shorts of the recent Bogotá Short Film Festival / Festival de Cortos de Bogotá – BOGOSHORTS; and the short films developed in the last Festival Tornado Cartagena, among other selections.

Over 1,200 copies of movies distributed at different locations in Cartagena demonstrate the breadth of the Cine en los Barrios program, whose goal is for the entire city of Cartagena and all of Bolívar department to have the same chance to enjoy the Seventh art. The entire program is geared towards one goal: To begin a process of inclusion of the department’s low-income communities and create a culture of cinema for children and adults.


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