La Cevicheria

Thanks to Cecilia…
Upon arrival in this city, the magnificent and “Heroic” Cartagena, I adventured myself into the real life of local fishermen, spending entire days on a boat trying to get a good catch and sharing stories with experienced sunburnt old men. Not long after, I realized I would rather be on the other side buying these men their catch and focus on what I really wanted to do:
prepare the best ceviches in town while listening to to good music, it was my romantic idea of work, and still is today.

My dearest mother, Mrs. Cecilia Galvis, one day while walking through this marvelous walled city discovered a tiny place on Stuart Street and did not hesitate a second to say, almost imperatively, ‘Here it is! This is what you need, it’s over!’

My partner back in 2001, Patricia Moreno, an excellent architect, worked tirelessly to give the look and style to that petite place. It had the basics, including an electric stove with two stations, the incredible and unique collaboration of Fernando Baldovino, a talented guy from Magangué (Northern Colombia, Magdalena River town) who had no idea of ​​cooking and today is the Top Chef at one of the best Japanese restaurants in Medellin.

Pure freshness
Lots of things have changed, lots of stories have taken place since La Cevicheria was born thirteen years ago, when this spot discovered by Cecilia became my lifetime project. But the essence and alchemy remain: seduce palates with the Caribbean delights and the exquisite flavors of a huge variety of fruits and vegetables found in this diverse and lush country, a privilege for chefs and diners.

If I had to summarize in a few words what La Cevicheria is nowadays I would define it as the place where the white and blue of the Mediterranean convey with the infinite range of colors of the Caribbean; the olive oil, the coconut milk, the wine and rum, as well as my desire to travel and live by the ocean mix altogether in this place. It is a non-stop dream, it goes on and on every day thanks to all our visitors through out the years, our friends, and of course our guests today.

La Cevicheria is pure ease and freshness, that’s our hallmark! It’s in the air, it’s in every bite, it’s in our smile, it’s in our work.


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