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En el 2008 la visita de Anthony Bourdain a Cartagena ‘revolucionó’ a los principales chef  y dueños de restaurantes del Corralito de Piedra que esperaban que el famosísimo programa ‘Sin Reservas’, y  por supuesto su presentador estrella, tocaran en cualquier momento a su puerta.

Sin embargo, fue el propietario de La Cevichería, un restaurante que empezaba a abrirse camino a pocos metros de la Plaza San Diego, el encargado de guiar a estrella de la cocina mundial en la travesía de descubrir los sabores que identifican a Cartagena. Read more

Where to eat in Cartagena, Colombia’s culinary capital

Cartagena, Colombia (CNN) Colombia’s beautiful Caribbean port city of Cartagena might not be known for its hot dining scene, but that’s changing fast.

Star chefs are combining local flavors for a Colombian take on world class cuisine, served alongside perfectly crafted cocktails.
Add that to the mix of beautiful colonial architecture, vibrant colors and rocking nightlife and Cartagena is becoming a go-to destination to eat, love and dance into the early hours.
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La Cevicheria en Vogue

The 7 Must-Visit Restaurants in Cartagena

With chic rooftop bars for watching sunsets, idyllic island day trips, and salsa clubs serving up mojitos that’ll blow your mind, it’s no wonder that Cartagena, Colombia, has become a mecca for jet-setters. Read more

LA Cevicheria en The Culture Trip

Eat some incredible ceviche at La Cevicheria

Cartagena is a port city on Colombia’s Carribbean coast, boasting colorful colonial buildings, a rich history and plenty of things to see and do. Here’s a list of the top 10 sights and activities in the city.

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Jorge Escandón in

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Jorge Escandón, Cartagena, Colombia

In addition to operating a seafood restaurant, chef Jorge Escandón leads adventurous gourmets (including celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain) through Cartagena’s colorful Bazurto Market. First, we browsed the seafood stalls, where he selected a fresh tuna for our lunch, along with some live shrimp.

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La Cevicheria in

La Cevicheria  serves Caribbean seafood fusions in a casual and buzzing environment since 2001…

Dive into the Seaside Treats of La Cevicheria (

It takes guts to name to your restaurant after Cartagena’s favourite dish but with a leader like Jorge Escandón at the wheel, La Cevichería was never going to be a damp fish out of water when compared with San Diego’s other seafood big-hitters, El Santisímo and El Boliche.

Hugely pupular with a Lonely Planet crowd hungry for an original Colombian seafood experience, La Cevichería has been cooking up faboulous fish dishes, including Cartagena’s classics ceviche since 2002.

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